Meet Mooch


Mooch Exterior Designs, Inc. is a San Diego landscape design/build business dedicated to all things outdoors. Established in 2006, our team is driven to preserve the rich historic architecture and the ecologically robust landscape of San Diego. We are passionate about creating beautiful outdoor spaces for our clients to enjoy.

We specialize in crafting period-specific landscapes that complement your home and its surroundings. We start with a smart design, developing your outdoor living space with consideration towards its historic timeline. We believe in collaboration and supporting the community, and practice our beliefs by actively serving our local schools and businesses. Our goal is to enhance our communities through thoughtful, artful design.

California License 949625


Meet The Team


Paul Hunyady

Owner / Principal Designer

Paul the founded Mooch Exterior Designs, Inc in September of 2006 where he leads his team as the Principal Designer. Paul is a true mentor to his partners, staff and field teams; he favors taking the time to provide mentorship over dictatorship so they become more knowledgeable. He has taken on many titles in the company’s lifetime, business owner, expert principal designer, humble mentor, and caring friend. Passionate about design enhancement and historic architecture details, Paul can point to a house on just about any street in urban San Diego that's he's made an impact. In his off time, Paul is passionate about being a father to his children, outdoor activities, art, architecture, travel and personal development.

"Sleep is overrated."

- Paul Hunyady


sade Rodriguez

Office Manager

Sade has been in office administration for 4 years with a background in TV production of 6 years. Despite being the newest addition to the Mooch team as of August 2019, Sade has been quick to adjust to her surroundings all while consistently maintaining a warm smile with each interaction. When she isn’t working at Mooch, Sade enjoys writing in her free time.


Erin Contreras

Lead Designer

Erin graduated with a Masters in Landscape Architecture from LSU Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture. Before starting at Mooch in June of 2018, she was a Project Manager for 2.5 years, Landscape Designer 1.5 years, and Design Manager 1 year. Erin both manages and mentors the design team as she is well-equipped with her vast knowledge of the subject. She believes strongly in efficiency and accuracy and is very passionate in each project she designs. Her interests include art, music and film.


Devin Nichols

Estimator / Project Manager

Devin has an impressive history of 26 years in construction, 15 years in project management, and 10 years in estimation. Since starting at Mooch in June 2019, he has combined all his previous experience to prove to be an asset to the company as well as being accurate in his estimations and passionate about his work. Devin is quite the outdoorsman as his hobbies include surfing, camping, snowboarding, and hiking.


adrian Hernandez

Field Project Manager

Adrian graduated in 2010 with an Associate’s degree in construction management. Since then, he has racked up experience of 5 years in commercial and concrete sales and 3 years in construction management. He started at Mooch in July 2017 and has since managed the build team in-field. Adrian cares deeply about his team as he is often found thoughtfully catering to their needs. His passions include hiking and soccer.


Angie Fourhman

Design Assistant / Marketing Coordinator

Angie graduated with an Associate’s degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering in 2014 and an Associate’s degree in Engineering Design in 2016. She is transitioning from retail and restaurant experience to design and marketing. She enjoys bringing her dogs with her to explore the attractions San Diego offers.


Maoz Knight

Project Manager

Maoz graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 2012. His experience includes owning a small business in lawn care for 2 years, project management for 5 years, and designing for 4 years. He started at Mooch in June 2019 where he has amused the team with his quick wit and jokes. He enjoys DIY carpentry projects at home, going hiking, and visiting the beach with his dogs.


John Barlow

Landscape Designer

John graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 2010. His history includes 5 years in architecture, 2 years in property management, and 1 year in design and build. He started at Mooch in May 2019 where he mostly designs impressive 3D models and develops plans. Outside of work, he enjoys hiking and camping.


Design - Build - Restore

Mooch Exterior Designs strives to give back to the community and be a positive force in the historic preservation of San Diego's treasured built environment 


Sustainable Design for a Better Future

With experience in drought tolerant design, water wise plants, and sustainable building practices, Mooch Exterior Designs is inspired by and committed to drought tolerant landscaping and using reclaimed materials.