Project Inspiration Through Social Media by Angie

Social media marketing is one of the most influential strategies companies nowadays can use while still being a relatively fresh concept. Considering it didn’t exist just a short while ago, it has taken over the advertisement industry. This is a major platform for designers of all types to show off and advertise their efforts. Our type of content makes an ideal attention-grabber. We reap more success putting out photos and videos that feed the visual-favoring machine that are platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Whether it’s paid promotion or simply posted with advertisement qualities, images have powerful effects. One of the ways we at Mooch self-promote our designs is by sharing our finished builds. Our way is to post a photo that highlights parts or overviews of completed projects and communicate it through descriptions that walk the viewer through what we specifically designed. We keep our followers updated on our capabilities through these posts and which inspires them to imagine new and exciting features in their space. Features like custom pergolas, carefully placed shrubs, and expertly designed overall matching of stained wood to textures on the loungers to the overall vibe the client is craving. Displaying the flow of the space helps sell followers on upgrading their shabby backyard into their dream landscape.

We aspire to reach as many homes as possible in our area to collaborate to make everyone’s wildest dreams come true. We’re passionate about our work and are always eager to watch the process of our collaborative art come to life. Our hope is that by sharing these photos through social media we can reach more people in SoCal. We’re always excited to start new projects because every single one of them will always be beautifully unique and vastly different than those before it.

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