The Engineering Side of my Internship at Mooch by Angie

I came into my internship at Mooch with only select school experience being an engineering background.  Back then I learned many different programs: there was AutoCAD, Inventor, Maya, 3DS Max, and many others.  I never could fully feel like I understood the process before, as the entire engineering concept was a foreign subject to me that a college book was teaching me. Ironically as engineering was my choice for double Associate's degrees, I feel like I am finally catching on to the programs now that I’m in the field.

This position is challenging and encourages me to be independent and collaborate at the same time. As I am used to asking questions about what I’m learning, it was quite a game-changer to be encouraged to learn the ropes by myself with little direction from my superiors. At times it was frustrating and conflicting, but as I near the end, I become gradually more grateful for the approach my superiors chose in molding me. 

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