Avocado - Persea Americana by John

Coming from the flowering plant family Lauraceae, this fruiting plant is naturally acclimated to the tropical climate of south central Mexico; however Southern California has had a long standing position of being the US' largest producer of avocados with over 3,000 California growers mapping out an impressive 50,000 acres of avocado canopy.  The average California tree can produce 60 lbs (or roughly 150 fruit per year). The water needed to keep this production value in operation in California has been increasingly challenging in recent years, as drought, wildfires, and increasing water prices have provided very real challenges to the day to day operation of avocado farming.  Aesthetically, an avocado tree's lush dark green canopy can provide ample shade in strategically placed locations, and to the extreme, some California homes have been completely dwarfed by ranch canopies providing 100% shade. Consider the healthy fruit bearing avocado as a functional shading accent for your home and garden.