How to Water Your Plants Like a Pro

1. WATER AT SUNRISE OR SUNSET: During times when your yard is not exposed to full sun, is the best time to water. This allows your soil to best absorb the most water. 

2. MAINTAIN YOUR MULCH: Mulch helps protect your soil from direct sunlight/evaporation, and it acts as a barrier to potential runoff. The rule of thumb is to have a three-inch layer of mulch. 

3. WATER CALCULATOR: Did you know that the City of San Diego has a landscape watering calculator? The calculator pulls together historical weather information (according to zipcode) and water requirements for your plants. It even takes into account your soil and sprinkler type. This is a great, free resource! Check it out at

4. KEEP LEAVES DRY: When leaves become wet, they are more prone to disease. Wet leaves can also lead to burn marks from the sun. 

5. DON'T FORGOT ABOUT YOUR TREES: If installing irrigation, use drip irrigation and water at "their discipline". This is located on the outside edge of the tree's canopy. As the tree grows, make sure to move the irrigation accordingly. 

6. DO NOT WATER WHEN IT RAINS: This seem obvious, but there are tools that can help. You can connect a rain sensor to any standard irrigation controller. The sensor alerts the controller when it is wet and your scheduled watering will not take place. Once the sensor is dry again, the irrigation system operates as normal.   

7. INDOOR PLANTS: You can check your plants by using your finger to feel the moisture of the potted soil. Only water when the soil feels dry to you. You can water your indoor plants anytime of day--even if it is exposed to full sunlight. 

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