Landscaping Plants for San Diego: A few favorites


'Silver Carpet' (Dymondia)

Also known as "silver carpet", Dymondia is great for ground coverage and highly drought tolerant. If you have low traffic areas, or are looking to fill in areas in your yard, dymindia lawns are a great alternative to grass. Did we mention it never needs mowing? A popular, and beautiful route has been to add dymondia as paver stone or concrete infill.  This adds a softer look to your hardscape, and a great way to tie the planting you in your yard together. 

'White Cloud' (Muhlenbergia Capillaris) 

The "white cloud" plant is a great filler for drought tolerant yards. They grow best in sandy/rocky areas, and do fine in heat and full sun areas. Their soft appearance makes them the perfect foliage if you are going for a more lush feel for your space. A noteworthy characteristic is that they tolerate poor soil well, and thus easy to maintain. 

 'Texas sundrops' (Calylophus berlandieri)

Want to add a little color to your landscape? Texas sundrops are beautiful touches of vibrant color. Since they need well draining soil, they are excellent for rock gardens and hardscapes. They bloom from spring into late fall, and enjoy the warmer San Diego weather. 









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